The Baby Bond has been re-released as the original title, BABY MATTERS.

BABY MATTERS, Revised 3rd Edition: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring for Your Baby 

May 2015
by Linda Folden Palmer DC

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BabyMatters3rdEdFRONT.5-5'15 copyBacked by more than 1,200 science journal references, Baby Matters, Revised 3rd Edition: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring for Your Babyby parenting expert and pediatric nutritionist Dr. Linda Folden Palmer. A breakthrough guide that reveals the many unknown, exclusive benefits of a responsive, nurturing parenting style that begins with this precious connection. Inside these pages you will not only learn the values of skin-to-skin contact and the immense science of breastmilk, but you will find the solutions to colic, reflux, ear infections, food allergies, and much more.

Natural Choices for Baby Are Safest & Most Nurturing


Extremely documented…could serve as an attachment parenting primer, covering breastfeeding, bonding, co-sleeping, food allergies and immune protection.

— Mothering magazine

An instant classic. A must-read for all parents. Dr. Palmer’s book is the best book on the hard science behind attachment parenting that I’ve ever read. I wish I had read this book before I became a mother.

— Katie Allison Granju, author of Attachment Parenting

Well researched and hard hitting…unabashedly tells the truth about so many very important issues.

— Denise Pickett-Bernard, PhD, RD, The Journal of Human Lactation

Babies would tell you to buy this book!

— Jan Hunt, MSc, author of The Natural Child: Parenting from the Heart

When it comes to early parenting and heath care choices that make a huge difference in  baby’s health and wellbeing, the scientific evidence points to one timeless guide—the bond between parent and child. 

BABY MATTERS book extensively covers the causes and treatments for colic, reflux, and food intolerances.


The must-have manual will help parents build the foundation of a healthy family, priding them with info like:

  • Eye-opening evidence as to why exclusive breastfeeding is so beneficial
  • How attentiveness and touch impact permanent brain development in infants
  • Under-reported facts about how to reduce colic, food allergies and illness
  • Why sharing sleep with your baby is both safe and natural
  • How to have less stressful teen years by bonding with your young child early

At the forefront of a passionate, growing movement called “attachment parenting,BABY MATTERS” is a warmly presented guide that gives a rare overview of information that’s too often missing from parenting circles, pediatric offices, and other parenting resources. Dr. Palmer gives parents the power to make better decisions about baby care, by unraveling the newest research about hormones and bonding, breastfeeding, the big new problems with antibiotics for treating ear infections (and why they are usually inappropriate anyway), and the real causes of ear infections, colic, GERD, reflux, allergy-sensitivity reactions, and SIDS. Dr. Linda Folden Palmer is a doctor of chiropractic, a consultant and speaker on pediatric nutrition and natural parenting challenges, a science writer, and a mother. She left her chiropractic practice shortly after the birth of her son, when she was confronted with his serious health complications and astounded by the lack of accurate or helpful information from doctors or books. For her son’s sake, she delved deeply into the scientific and medical literature to find answers ― which led to further questions and some astonishing realizations.


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