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Rave Reviews
“Baby Matters”

       (Temporarily titled “The Baby Bond”)

“Dr. Linda Palmer’s rebuttals of current mainstream child-rearing trends (artificial infant food, cow’s milk consumption) do not stop at their negative impact on infants but rather create a compelling and well-cited argument for their links with lifelong negative complications.” more: Journal of Human Lactation

“Dr. Palmer’s book exhaustively lists the scientific evidence behind attachment parenting, breastfeeding and the reality of food allergies… Dr. Palmer shows how the establishment of science-conquering-nature has caused unnecessary suffering and heartache to parents and babies alike.” more: Vegetarian Baby and Child

“The extensively documented Baby Matters… could serve as an attachment parenting primer, covering breastfeeding, bonding, and cosleeping. Palmer also pays a lot of attention to food allergies and immunity protection. ” —Mothering magazine

“…filled with scientific research regarding key issues of infant care. Provides parents information on healthy parenting choices in easy-to-digest language. It is a must read for new and expecting families and also an important text for educators.” — International Childbirth Education Association

“… provides a straightforward examination of many key issues new parents might be unfamiliar with… in “reader friendly” down-to-earth terms… Baby Matters is an excellent and highly recommended reader for the new mother!”
The Midwest Book Review, “The Parenting Shelf”

“…from the health aspects to the emotional bonding that takes place between a mother and a baby. Dr. Palmer does a great job of summarizing the research associated with the first year of baby’s life and writing in a style that makes you feel like you’re talking to a girlfriend over tea and cookies.” —

“Palmer is wonderfully articulate in fully informing parents about the health risks associated with formula use. Parents need to know this information in order to make informed decisions about their children’s health. Her book is extremely well-referenced and, as a lactation consultant, I use her book in my work at the hospital and with the mothers in my breastfeeding support group.” —Sharon Johnson, RN BSN PHN IBCLC

 “An instant classic. A must-read for all parents. Dr. Palmer’s book is the best book on the hard science behind attachment parenting that I’ve ever read. I plan to make it a baby gift for every pregnant friend. I wish I had read this book before I became a mother. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It’s the most exciting new book on parenting that I’ve read in a number of years.” —Katie Allison Granju, author of Attachment Parenting

BabyMatters3rdEdFRONT.5-5'15 copy

“…excellent book. I had to have my highlighter at the ready the entire time I was reading it. The references are fantastic. Thank you so much for your great work. We quote Baby Matters at our conferences and feel it would be helpful for the students, mostly labor and delivery nurses, to have it available.” —Carole Peterson, MS, IBCLC of Lactation Education Consultants

“Baby Matters explains in reader-friendly scientific detail why parents should often follow their own hearts and avoid many widely accepted parenting practices.” — InnerSelf Magazine

“Babies would tell you to buy this book! Baby Matters is the latest word on responsive baby care, warmly written and backed up by a wealth of research references and academic articles. This is the book I wish I’d had when my son was born. I would have had a an abundance of helpful information, I would have been reassured that it was OK – in fact, essential – to trust what my heart told me, and I would have had the perfect book to show skeptical friends and relatives.” —Jan Hunt, M.Sc., author of The Natural Child: Parenting from the Heart

“I enjoy your book immensely and am passing on things I learn in it… It is one of the very best books on AP, and the only one to use solid research to back up these ‘instinctual’ behaviors and choices.” —Joy Berry, AP researcher, LLL leader, AP mom, Director of Education, Children’s Museum of Arkansas

“Dr. Palmer has uniquely dispelled the myths of former child rearing books gone crazy. She presents the whole-hearted facts of what may really be happening to your child… discusses an excellent array of topics, ranging from attachment style parenting to the dangers of cow’s milk. Baby Matters should be on the bookshelves of every parent and parent to be.” —Ocean Beach People’s Co-op News

“Baby Matters provides parents the evidence they need to support their own natural instincts… offers alternatives to popular notions of child rearing… a groundbreaking new book.” —Penninsula Beacon 

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“A long-needed in depth investigation and discussion… covers topics ranging from the chemistry of bonding to the health advantages of breastfeeding and in each case, her comments are well-substantiated by very impressive and extensive scientific citations.” —Rosalind C. Haselbeck, Ph.D.
Biochemist, Biology Instructor, Doula

“A viewpoint different from what I was taught in school…seems much healthier. I believe that reading this book prior to having children would have helped me to be a better father.” —V. Paul Kater, M.D.
Family Practice

“Baby Matters was invaluable to me in dealing with my baby’s pediatrician. I brought in references from the book and was actually able to enlighten her position and foster a solution that worked better for my baby.” —Sandra Seastedt, M.F.C.C.

“In Baby Matters, Linda Palmer combines current psychological, biochemical, and nutrition research with good common sense. A sophisticated professional, yet she understands the needs of ordinary families with a new baby.” —A. Christine Watson, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

“Baby Matters is a well-referenced compendium of information from highly authoritative sources written by a dedicated health care professional-for caring parents seeking a source book to understand their baby’s physiology.” —George J. Pratt, Ph.D.,Clinical Psychologist
Author of Instant Emotional Healing

“Covering a very broad range of problems relating to nutrition of babies as well as the psychology of baby care. A very good book, full of important information.” —David B. Gordon, Ph.D. Physiologist, Author of Milk and Mortality

“Thank you Linda Palmer for providing me with the information and encouragement I needed to successfully feed and bond with my baby the way my heart and instincts told me to, and to make well-informed healthcare decisions for her as well. —Lauri Bollinger, Mother

Message from Dr. Linda F. Palmer:  Baby Matters brings volumes of research together to demonstrate a never-before published picture of the science behind the instinct, and the nutrition behind the health.



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