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The Science of Starting Solids

Published on Green Mom: Every child and every family has different preferences, genetic tendencies, and needs. Parents and babies are also full of natural instincts that help guide them, if allowed. Babies know when they want to start solid foods but the question still receives a lot of attention … SEE THE REST:  Published on Green Mom:

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Iron Supplements for Breastfed Baby?

Linda F. Palmer, DC Author Baby Matters Many mothers are told to provide iron supplements to their exclusively breastfed infants beginning at 3 or 4 months of age – without any signs of anemia – yet the research does not support this advice. A recent study has shown that iron supplementation of non-anemic breastfed babies can cause stunted growth, decreased head…

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Milking Your Bones

by Linda Folden Palmer, DC Reprinted from Dynamic Chiropractic, Jan 1, 2002; Volume 20 (1) Bone Density: The Big Dairy Fallacy While the National Osteoporosis Foundation tells us we need more calcium to build stronger bones, especially from cow’s milk, the scientific evidence does not support this.

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