Table of Contents for “Baby Matters”


Prologue 1
Chapter 1 Finding Out What Matters 5
Chapter 2 The Attachment Advantage 15
The Big Experiment
Mixed Feelings
Popular Psychological Models of Attachment
Securely Attached
Seeds of Behavior Disorders
Clues from Immigration
Seeds of Violence
Bonding Effects on Puberty
Other Factors
Separation Sensitivity
Twins: The “Beginnings Don’t Matter” Studies
Breaking the Cycle
Going Beyond Secure Attachment
Follow Your Instincts
Chapter 3 Bonding: The Inside Story 37
Oxytocin — A Bonding Hormone
Oxytocin and the Mother
Oxytocin and the Infant
Oxytocin and the Father
Oxytocin: Love and the Heart
Vasopressin and Protection
Prolactin and Behavior
Opioids and Rewards
Norepinephrine and Learning
Pheromones and Basic Instincts
Other Chemical Bonding
Cortisol and Stress
Stress in Infancy
Results of Infant Stress
Bonding Matters
Chapter 4 Crying and Caring 59
Crying Babies
For Crying Out Loud
“Normal” Crying
To Respond or Not: “Spoiling” Myths
I Hear Ya
Infant Attention
In Touch
Caring by Carrying
Kangaroo Care
The Rock of Ages
Nursing and Nurturing
The Downside of Pacifiers
Safe Sleep and SIDS
Nurturing Sleep for Everyone
What the World Needs Now…
Chapter 5 Brighter Babies, not Super Babies 91
Breastmilk for Brain Power
Caring for Cognition
Animal Models
Womb Lessons
Electronic Teachers
Got Fatty Acids??
Brighter Times
Chapter 6 Immune Protection Matters 105
Without Protection
Infection Protection
Lasting Protection
Baby’s First Defenses
Placental Transfer
Breastmilk Completes Baby’s Protection
Protective Factors in Mother’s Milk
Other Immune System Defenses
Other Issues of Immunity and Health
The Vaccination Question
Ear Infections
Natural Immune Assistance
A Road Less Traveled
Chapter 7 Digestion Matters 141
Baby’s Digestive System
The Digestive Process
Unique to Infants
Lactose — the Mommy Sugar
Digestion of Other Sugars
Protein Digestion
Fat Digestion
Calcium Absorption
Iron Absorption
Living with Bugs
Normal Flora
Vitamins in the Colon
More Bugs
Abdominal Pain
What Does It All Mean?
Chapter 8 In the Womb and the First Few Days 161
Stressed Before Birth
And After Birth
Dangerous Foods for the Fetus
One More
Dangerous Fumes for the Fetus
Vitamin K: To Inject or Not
The Unkind Cut
Feeding the Premature Infant
Fortify Mother’s Milk?
IV Feeding of Preemies
Robbing Antioxidants
Feeding the Term Infant
A Kinder, Gentler Relationship
Chapter 9 Baby’s Nutritional Beginnings 187
Fat Intake and Fat Soluble Vitamins
Adequate Iron
Zinc and Selenium Concerns
Fluoride, Teeth, and Bones
Vitamin D
Protein Ratios are Important
Tolerance of Formula and Mother’s Milk
Soy Formulas
Dynamic Mother’s Milk
A Weighty Issue
Beginning Solid Foods
A New Fat Deceit
No Cigar
Chapter 10 Baby Feeding Facts and Fallacies 211
Insufficient Milk Syndrome: A Fallacy Becomes Reality
Sleep Aids
The Lactose Fallacy, The Protein Reality
Feeding and Cavities
More on Teeth
A Breastfeeding Effect in Mother
Breast and Nipple Pain: The Unrecognized Reality.
Breastfeeding Benefits to Mother
Promotional and Pediatric Practices and Policies
What is Natural?
The Bottom Line
Chapter 11 The Dangers of Cow’s Milk 233
Milk Proteins and Diabetes
Multiple Sclerosis
Milk and Heart Disease
Lactose and Pain
Lactose and Cataracts
Milk and Leukemia
Lung Cancer
Milk and Prostate Cancer
Milk and Ovarian Cancer
Milk and Infertility
Puberty and Breast Cancer
Cow Hormones and Cancer
An Udder Conspiracy
Milky Messages
Good, Bad, and Curious Solutions
Deflating Dairy
Chapter 12 Colic to Ear Infections, Behavior to Bedwetting 265
How Common are Allergies and Sensitivities?
How Often Is Food Sensitivity Found with Colic?
How About Food Sensitivity with Other Symptoms?
Combination and Progression of Symptoms
Abdominal Pain
“AllergyRing” and Diaper Rash
Child Avoids Certain Foods
Bedwetting and Daytime Incontinence
Ear Infections
Respiratory Symptoms: Runny Nose, Chronic Cough, and Asthma
Short Stature
Strange Genes
Chapter 13 Allergy Matters 299
Why the Concern?
Bowel Diseases and Cancer
More Diabetes Connections
What Causes Hypersensitivity Reactions?
What Can We Do?
The Ignored Diagnosis
The Immune Response
Immediate Hypersensitivity Reactions
Chemical Sensitivity Reactions
Delayed Hypersensitivity Reactions
Following the Delayed Reaction
Infection and Disease: Beyond the Delayed Reaction
Protecting Baby
Chapter 14 Discovering, Preventing, and Treating Food Allergies 317
Laboratory Diagnosis
Elimination Diets
Where to Begin
The Bottle-Fed Infant
Lactose-Free is Not the Answer
The Nursing Infant
Elimination Diet on Solid Foods
Where Do You Find Milk Hidden in Foods?
Other Foods Eliminated on a Level II Diet
Designing the Level III Diet
Preventing the Development of Allergies
Treatment Choices
Clinical Treatment Methods
Natural Treatments
The New Old Way
Epilogue 345
Notes 347
Glossary 389
Resources 405
Index 409

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