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Natural Birth: It’s not just about the drugs.

The pursuit of a natural birth is not just about minimizing medical interventions and their attendant risks. It’s not about being super-woman enough to endure the powerful sensations. Every moment of the natural labor and birth process has a purpose leading to optimization of the emotional and physical health of mother and baby.

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Autism: what causes it?

If you doubt that autistic symptoms have grown tremendously, talk to any grade school teacher who has taught since the 1970s. Regardless of the exact rate of increase, at over 2% of all children, this is an enormous epidemic that receives incredibly little attention toward discovering and preventing the causes.

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Breastmilk and Baby’s Gut Health

Beginning with the trip through the birth canal, every minute counts in the early effort to launch the healthiest-possible balance of gut microbes. The newborn digestive system is not ready at birth to handle much in the way of food, and the breasts know this. Immune protection is the first order of

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Vitamin K at Birth: To Inject or Not

I’m leaving the below post up but recommend this well-referenced article:  Evidence Based Birth: Evidence for the Vitamin K Shot in Newborns. There is more evidence available now about the various alternatives. Oral vitamin K is clearly much better than no vitamin K for preventing the very rare bleeding events, and the risks with the shot appear to be the smallest.…

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