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  • Notis Georgiou August 6, 2016 at 7:16 am

    Hello Dr Palmer,
    I have read your baby matters and would like to congratulate you for the 100% independent, scientific and love-motivated writing. It gave us answers we have desperately been looking for, and very convincing ones. We are very thankful for your significant contribution in making this society more happy, by helping it return to its elementary natural path.
    p.s. I think a publication in other languages would be useful. I could help in Greek and Hungarian, if you wish. Other very helpful books have been the writings of Dr Raffai Jenő (pre-and perinatal) and Noll-Andrea Nandu (birthgiving).

    With very cordial regards,
    Notis Georgiou
    Conductor, composer, soloist, dramaturg
    Member of European Academy of Sciences and Arts


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