Natural Family and Attachment Parenting Play Groups of San Diego County

Start even before baby is born! and you’ll be glad you did. Remember, playgroups are for the moms really, although the babies enjoy meeting others their age. Come meet other families with similar parenting styles, and develop some treasured long-time friendships. These groups stem from Attachment Parenting Support Groups, LLLI groups, and San Diego Natural Families groups.


San Diego County Attachment Parenting International Support Group
This group meets on the second Friday of the month, from 10:00-11:30 a.m. in the La Jolla area. Please contact a leader for the specific meeting location.


Holistic Moms Network – San Diego Chapter
We are passionate about helping parents to make informed decisions about their health, the health of their families, and their parenting choices.


Give a try with The Crunchy Crowd, for all of San Diego’s natural families. Here you can chat and plan playdates etc. Join and meet other like-minded families in San Diego.
A Crunchy Mom’s interests might include:  Attachment Parenting, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, homebirth, natural birth, child-led weaning, gentle discipline, cloth diapers, babywearing, organic/whole/local food, sustainable living, no vaccination, delayed and/or selective vaccination, natural remedies, alternative medicine…you get the idea.


The Your Natural Baby San Diego Meetup is for families who are interested in natural health / holistic living. We support each other in providing our families with a healthy environment that nourishes and allows each member to reach their greatest potential, without judgment. We follow our instincts, listen to our hearts and advocate informed parenting choices. Attachment parenting, birth, breastfeeding, green living, alternative healing methods, organic foods, raw, vegetarian / vegan diets, co-sleeping, alternative schooling, earth friendly diapering, Elimination Communication, responsible consumerism, environmental conservation, vaccines – the list is endless.


San Diego East County HomeSchool/Unschool Park Days
Meets twice per month.


North County AP Playgroup – All Ages
Wednesdays – 10:30AM
We meet at various locations, both at parks and homes. Occasionally we have potlucks and picnics that include the whole family.
Contact for more information and or playgroup locations.


North County – Greater Encinitas Area
Mondays from 10:30 – 1:30
For more information contact:
Joy Digenti at [email protected]


Attachment Parenting Moms of North County
Looking for a connection to moms practicing attachment parenting? Do you practice gentle discipline and would like to be with other moms that do the same?  Meet others with a desire to parent in harmony with their child’s nature and spirit.


North County Babywearing Group – Pregnant Families, Babies & Young Children
Anyone in North County interested in learning more about the art and
practice of wearing your baby is welcome.  Want a way to bond with
your baby?  Need your hands free for older children?  Do you want to
have your baby close so they can share your world?  Want to nurse
hands-free?  We can help.  We are a mom to mom support group that
teaches people how to choose and use baby carriers.  Doulas, lactation
consultants, and anyone that works with pregnant or new parents
welcome as well.  Meeting locations and times can be found at


Holistic Mom’s Network: San Diego (North County Coastal) Chapter
The San Diego (North County Coastal) Chapter of the Holistic Moms Network! If you’re interested in natural family living, alternative health options and/or mindful parenting, we welcome you to our community!


San Diego Babywearers
Helping you wear your baby safely and comfortably. We are volunteers dedicated to spreading the babywearing love and celebrate it in all safe forms!

Babies need physical contact just as they need food, air, warmth, and shelter. Babywearing helps parents and other caregivers give babies all the closeness they need, while still having hands free for other tasks. Our mission is to promote the art and science of babywearing to help make it a universally accepted and supported practice.

Join the Forums to chat with us and come join us to learn how to choose and use your carriers and hang out with some great families. Even if you are an experienced Babywearer, please come join us to help others learn the joys of babywearing.


Natural Families of San Diego is a great Facebook page where you can discuss with other San Diego families about all kinds of natural parenting ideas. This is a very alive and active group — but they’re full of answers, intuition, insight, information and support. “This group is for parents who tend to stray away from mainstream thinking in many or all of their parenting practices. Thoughts about attachment parenting principles, extended breastfeeding, homebirth, and midwifery, questioning immunizations, avoiding circumcision, and exploring homeschooling are just a few of the issues that separate us from mainstream parenting. We may also discuss other topics such as cloth diapering, tandem nursing, limited/no television, homeopathy and holistic practices, organically grown foods, vegan, and vegetarian practices.”


One More Option- The Parent Connection is through Scripps Hospital, but you don’t need to have anything to do with Scripps to join-in on the fun. They have playgroups organized by age and geographical location — some 160 of them. Some are special-interest as well. They’re not AP/Natural-Family-focused; you’re going to find the full spectrum of parenting styles, but you will most likely find some like-minded moms there andmake some long-time friends.



This resource page provided by:

Dr. Linda Folden Palmer, author of Baby Matters: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring for Your Baby and Baby Poop.

With the birth of Dr. Palmer’s son in 1995, she was confronted with his severe health complications and astounded by the extreme lack of accurate or helpful information from doctors or books. Her usual passion for research turned toward infant health and parenting. Her extensive reviews of science and medical research revealed huge conflicts between what is found scientifically and what is standard protocol in pediatric offices. Her research in this area led to writing Baby Matters.


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