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The greatest discovery is that the science supports natural, instinctual parenting over all else.

Hi. I’m Linda Folden Palmer, DC. You can read about me personally here.


Basically, I began this journey with the birth of my son in 1995. Now he’s my webmaster!

I’m in hopes that this website provides valuable information and resources for health-oriented parents seeking evidence-based information to help them make parenting and healthcare decisions for their baby or toddler; for their family. For much more of the evidence and lots more information, one can turn to my most recent book.


It all began with my search to help my own infant with some challenging health complications, when my big stack of baby books, and all the doctors, just didn’t offer any information that was helpful. My additional motivation was the astounding reaction I received from many corners over my choice to breastfeed my baby, and to otherwise instinctually provide him with comfort and attention. I had no idea that this would be such an offensive choice to many, and even considered dangerous by some.


I couldn’t imagine that some of these artificial parenting arrangements could be superior to nature’s plan that has carried us through the millennia. Yet, I had to have proof — for myself, for my detractors.


BabyMatters3rdEdFRONT.5-5'15 copyI began by digging into medical, psychology, and science research journals. It was not long before I realized there was a tremendous bulk of research available, and the direction it pointed was very distinct. I found a lot of amazing information that is just not made available to parents.


I began to recognize that many of the very common problems parents have with babies today stem from the new “modern” parenting practices promoted over the last century (by industry-educated, predominantly male doctors) — colic, reflux, rashes, diarrhea, constipation, sleeplessness, ADHD, diabetes, obesity, hyperactivity, antisocial behavior — and then continuing into adult problems of high blood pressure, depression, eating disorders, and inability to form strong bonds with a mate.

Parents have been encouraged that responding to their baby’s pleas for affection and attention would only “spoil” them. Yet, I have foundno sound research to support any long-term benefits from such detached parenting. In fact, a mountain of studies suggest quite the opposite — that responsive parenting is best.

Today, our newest neurological studies and hormonal findings serve to re-prove what the attachment psychologists were trying to tell us in 60’s and 70’s.

When affection is withheld from baby, when they’re regularly left to cry alone, when the bonding act of nursing is absent, we end up with far more children with learning and behavior problems.


Additionally, when the many powerful immune provisions from mother’s milk are withheld, infants suffer twice the number of illnesses, with much more prolonged episodes. Moreover, I learned thatformula-fed babies suffer twice the infant death rate as exclusively breastfed infants. That’s right here in the U.S! That’s a few more babies per thousand!!

This led me to a question of motive. I simply cannot believe that any one of these delightful, caring physicians is truly out to harm my child. My journey into the money and politics behind it all was another hugely revealing sojourn.


Are we told that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is greatly reduced when babies are breastfed naturally between two warm bodies throughout the night? As long as that’s customary and conscientious,SIDS rates for cosleeping, exclusively breastfeeding babies (sleeping mostly supine, in bed made safe and with non-smoking parents) are around 1/5th the rate seen with the standard crib sleeping, formula feeding scenario.Yes, these are the research findings. It’s all there in BABY MATTERS.


What has come to be known as “Attachment Parenting” more often develops children who actually become more independent, as well as healthier and more psychologically secure. Families need to make decisions that are best for them, but I personally think that, given the factual information, some parents would be making some different choices.


FRONT-COVERwStickerThe more I consulted with parents, the more I learned how incredibly pervasive colic, reflux, green stools, and constipation are in infants. My research into the causes of these leads me often to food sensitivities, but the WHY of it all took me much further. These are maladies chiefly of industrialized nations and I’ve learned that there are many practices of industrialization that are destroying our children’s flora, hormonal behaviors, neurological functioning, and immune functioning. This all leads to ever-growing rates of inflammatory bowel diseases, asthma, diabetes, obesity, and many other chronic maladies–and it’s largely linked to baby’s beginnings in the womb, at birth, and during the first years. My research and desire to educate and assist parents in this area led to my writing of “BABY POOP.”


What you Feed your Baby Matters.
How you Treat your Baby Matters.
Parents have the Power to Create and Enjoy Healthier, Happier Children with Brighter Futures.

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