Breastmilk and Baby’s Gut Health

homebirthsuzanne079-FirstLatchBeginning with the trip through the birth canal, every minute counts in the early effort to launch the healthiest-possible balance of gut microbes. The newborn digestive system is not ready at birth to handle much in the way of food, and the breasts know this. Immune protection is the first order of business and is greatly dependent upon the establishment of healthy flora. When uninhibited by antibiotics, formula supplements, or delayed feedings, breastmilk can essentially seal the deal.

It’s been shown that the health of the floral environment into which an infant is born can have positive or negative impact on the creation of his long-term microbiome. In turn, the child’s early risks for infectious diseases, and adult risks of non-infectious diseases, are highly dependent upon early gut health. Remember that some hospital germs are much tougher than community germs,   READ MORE at Attachment

Should You Lower Your Child’s Fever? What You Need to Know Before You Reach for the Tylenol

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165StethascopeEmillyeMothering“Fever does not cause brain damage. Fever is a good thing,” says pediatrician Scott W. Cohen, MD, author of Eat, Sleep, Poop. Pediatrician Jo Ann Rohyans, MD, writes for “Most children can tolerate a temperature of slightly higher than 107°F without long-term effects from the fever itself.” …   REST OF EXCERPT HERE