Flu Vaccines in Children: Science Reports

October 2012:

Vaccines unproven for preventing influenza in healthy children under two.  


Large science review of the studies: 

Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2012 Aug 15;8
Jefferson, T. The Cochrane Collaboration, Roma, Italy.</>

“We included 75 studies with about 300,000 observations.” … “Inactivated vaccines in children aged two years or younger are not significantly more efficacious than placebo.”  …. “In specific cases, influenza vaccines were associated with serious harms such as narcolepsy and febrile convulsions.”  …

” The review showed that reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions and spurious notoriety of the studies.”


December 2012:

Annual Flu Shots in Children Prevent Good Immune Protection to Subtypes Not Contained in the Vaccine.

Read this abstract from the science journal, “Vaccine,”  how natural infection provides good (life long) cross-reactivity to protect from new strains of flu that constantly develop, while the vaccine prevents immune protection against strains that are not included in that year’s vaccine. It’s known that annual vaccines often miss the mark when it comes to which strains will be prevalent that year.


October 2009:

“Children Who Get  Flu Vaccine  Have Three Times the Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests”

Mayo Clinic researchers studied children ages 6 months to 18 years of age from 1996 through 2006 and found that children receiving the seasonal flu vaccine had triple the risk of being hospitalized with the flu as those not being vaccinated. The study findings were reported May 19, 2009, at the105th International Conference of the American Thoracic Society, in San Diego.

Read report of Mayo Clinic study in Science News Daily


December 2009:  From Reuters

CDC Recommends that All U.S. Children Receive Annual Seasonal Flu Vaccines

Two months after a Mayo Clinic report of a tripled risk for hospitalization for children receiving the flu vaccine, the CDC announces a new recommendation that all children should receive the vaccine.




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