The Science of Starting Solids

Published on Green Mom: Every child and every family has different preferences, genetic tendencies, and needs. Parents and babies are also full of natural instincts that help guide them, if allowed. Babies know when they want to start solid foods but the question still receives a lot of attention … SEE THE REST:  Published on Green Mom:

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Summary of Constipation Treatments for Children

  The below table, excerpted from “BABY POOP,” shows 24 different options for treating constipation in babies, along with comments on each one. What treatment is right for your baby? From the author of “BABY MATTERS,” check out “BABY POOP” for lots more helpful information. The studies show that natural methods are best.

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“The Baby Bond” named Top Parenting Book by SheKnows

SheKnows’ Pregnancy & Baby chose The Baby Bond as their Top Parenting Book. (The Baby Bond has been re-released as BABY MATTERS)   They write: “In The Baby Bond: The New Science Behind What’s Really Important When Caring for Your Baby, parenting expert Linda Folden Palmer identifies nurturing techniques to help new moms bond with their child naturally while building a healthy family.

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